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S.T.A.N.D. (Students Turning Against Negative Decisions) is the interactive method TOA uses to create a positive peer-to-peer interaction environment; teaching the youth that it is absolutely okay to choose positive over negative decisions.

TOA further supplements the school assembly with training workshops, utilizing their own curriculum that is targeted and specific to relevant issues that the youth of our day are facing. The goal of TOA and its targeted STAND Program is to turn America’s youth from becoming tragic statistics into triumphant success stories.

Teens of America works with students and leaders in established groups to facilitate the group’s development and overall growth. Within the parameters of our expertise, TOA will train a group leader in the basics of successful group leadership. Our area representative will also attend the group in order to assess the dynamics of an individual group and recommend a course of action for the continued maturity of the group. Goals will be established and an implementation plan will be laid out as well as a system for evaluation. We realize that groups are very effective if there are properly trained leaders in place to accomplish their mission.