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School Fundraiser


Thank you for your interest in the Teens of America Social Acceptance Tour Ambassador school fundraiser program (TOA SATA), advocating for social acceptance & positive lifestyle choices.

Teens of America has established the National Social Acceptance Tour Ambassadors School Fundraiser Program advocating for social acceptance & positive lifestyle choices. Schools and students benefit from National SATA Lifestyle Tour and the Social Acceptance Tour Ambassador pay per view school fundraiser.


This school fundraiser program offers:

  • A SMART alternative to fundraise via purchasing, holding inventory and selling candy
  • This is a unified national effort offering an alternative non-sugar fundraising platform
  • The PPV app TV event is slated to take place October, 2018 (anti-bullying month)…the event will be 100% covered with a Surety Bond/insurance policy
  • This PPV event will be 5-6 hours in duration and is FAMILY & SCHOOL FRIENDLY
  • We will have 3-4 NATIONALLY & INTERNATIONALLY bands/artists performing…such a band might be on par with Foo Fighters (not booked at this time)
  • FREE…musician Social Acceptance Tour Ambassadors may visit YOUR school to perform FREE concerts and provide social acceptance messaging during their performances
  • Schools should see a 300% -400% fundraising increase via this E-Ticket, Social Acceptance – anti-bullying – curb juvenile diabetes & childhood obesity Pay-Per-View fundraising plan
  • This is a ‘green’ program…this can be done online
  • Students can market e-tickets to friends and family world-wide…NO DOOR-TO-DOOR-SALES
  • Schools get paid UP FRONT…with the remaining balance remitted to our event escrow agent/bank
  • Schools may choose to have a ‘viewing event’ party if they choose
  • This program may qualify to be applied to a variety of school accreditation programs (please check with your state/national accreditation entity)
  • The fundraising platform is philanthropic…schools, parents, students and communities can feel good KNOWING a large % of the non-school monies raised go back into their communities to fund vital after- school and proactive social acceptance not-for-profits
  • Enhances the Arts
  • Teaches Social Skills
  • Teaches Entrepreneurism
  • The potential exists to fund scholarships


We request that ONLY the school principal or a school authority fill out the form below. If you are a parent, student or one of the ambassadors, please direct your school officials to this page to complete registration for the school fundraiser!

Only official school email addresses will be accepted. We will be sending information regarding the school fundraiser program to the email address provided. There is a double-opt in to prevent abuse (which is why the school authority needs to register). If you do not receive a confirmation email immediately, check your spam/junk. Be sure to confirm you wish to receive our emails by following the instructions sent and we will begin sending you the information to get your school registered for the school fundraiser program.

Thanks again for your support of this incredible program!

Sean Mulroney
Teens of America

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