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Welcome to Teens of America Radio Network.
We have a huge array of valuable show topics, you are about to be tapped into a powerful world of parenting and teen resources right at your fingertips.
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Listen Mondays from 7PM-9PM (CST)

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Teens of America Radio Network fulfills the promise of “getting real on every level”. The 2-hour radio program features stories, advice, inspirational insight, and gets right to the point. It spares no details about the gruesome effects of growing problems in this generation such as the abuse of alcohol, drugs, and harmful practices such as bullying, self-injury, and much, much more. It’s funny, serious, educational and filled with attitude.
Each week Sean Mulroney interviews parents, teens, celebrities, sports stars, and experts who have been affected by the dangerous consequences of bad choices. Sean covers the issues that people often candy coat, not by just revealing the problem, but by focusing on pursuing a solution. He strives to care and make a difference in every listener’s life.

Teens of America Radio Network targets pre-teens, teens, parents, and families and the rapidly growing list of advertisers interested in connecting with the largest group of teens and parents in U.S. history
Approximate US population: 295 million
*Over 85 million are under the age of 20; app. 31% of America’s total population
Though only 31% of our population, they are 100% of our future!

-There are approximately 105,000 public schools in the US
*29,000 high schools
*32,000 middle schools
*29,000 elementary schools

Teens of America Radio Network will give teenagers a better understanding of the struggles they are facing and how to get through these battles. It will also give parents, educators, and adults a better understanding of what teens are facing and how to empower the future of America.

Real problems, Real Solutions. No additives, no preservatives, just real truth…

Sean’s Bio
Sean Mulroney is the president and founder of Teens Of America. As a teenager he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. He was first exposed to them at the age of six and by the time Sean was 13 years old he was involved heavily in both drugs and alcohol. He knows first hand the dangers that teenagers face on a daily basis. Many of his friends died young from drinking and driving, drug overdoses and suicide. It took many years and the help of trusted adults for him to overcome these addictions.

Since Sean’s years as a teenager the dangers and temptations a young person faces each day has increased. It is because of his experiences that he wants to help teenagers to avoid the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol. Also, for those that have already gone down that road he wants to reach out to them and help them out of the pit of destruction. Sean’s desire to help young people led him to form Teens Of America, a drug, alcohol and crime prevention program where they do multimedia community awareness programs for churches, schools, juvenile detention centers and law enforcement.

Since launching TOA they have seen thousands of young people make decisions to stand against negative decisions. They have spoken to over 150,000 students and receive emails daily from teenagers and parents asking for help or telling them that their program has changed their lives. TOA have dealt with a lot of individual teens on a personal basis that were going down the wrong path. Through much counseling their lives were changed and their relationship with their parents was restored. Though many young people have been reached there are thousands upon thousands more that need to know the hard truth about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.


  • Currently airing in Saint Louis, Mo. on KYRO 1280 and Kane, Pa. on WXZY 107.1 weekly schedule.
  • The show’s listenership is an average of 40,000 that continues to increase with every broadcast.
  • 156,000 reached on the Teens of America website
  • Presented to over 150,000 students through multimedia assemblies
  • These listeners reside all across the nation from 35 states such as Missouri, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, and Florida just to name a few.
  • Teens of America Radio Network  has not only secured an audience in the United States, but has swept across the world and reached those in other countries like Ireland, France, Israel, the UK, and Canada.