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Parents: The Anti-Drug

By Parents For Parents

Parenting A Teenager

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Recommended Reading


Bullycide in America

“Much more than a mere expose of horrifying statistics, this book is a collection of personal letters to you, straight from a broken heart, about the most devastating case of bullycide ever… the one that claimed the writer’s own child. I applaud every author in these pages who has struggled in the depths of grief to tell the most painful story of their life, and I challenge America to respond to their tear-stained pages.” — Author and journalist Neil Marr



The Bully Police E-Book

This E-book series encompass over 10 years worth of research as well as contributing articles from PhD’s, M.S., Esq., and experts in the field of bullying.The writers who contributed to these e-books have one thing in common – they want to help kids who are being bullied as well as the kids who are the bullies. We have come together for the common good of all of our children.



Getting To The Heart Of Your Child

Getting To The Heart Of Your Child (already an award winning book, winning 1st place in the Parenting Category of The Fall 2013 Christian Writers Award) really is a must have book for all parents. Peggy Hughes, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and mother who specializes in family relationships in her private practice. She uses her professional knowledge and experience combined with their own personal family stories to deliver an insightful, practical and proven help for parents!