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“Life’s Not Fair”

The amount of times we’ve all been told that life isn’t fair is more than likely annoyingly high. The thing is, sometimes, life really isn’t fair.
Why is that?
Simply put, it is because people are involved.
The human race is an extremely self-centered group. And, I get it- top of the food chain, and all that jazz, but here’s the other thing …

We aren’t in control.
We do affect the overall turnout of almost everything, but that does not make us the master of the universe.
Even if you don’t believe in God, this is still the matter of the fact.
I, personally, do believe in God as the Almighty Creator of the universe.
Everything WAS fair. Then man messed it up.
People like to try to turn the tables and say things like, “Well, God could’ve prevented Adam and Eve from sinning.”
Yes, He could have. But God created man with free will for a purpose.
Think about it: Would you get more personal glory from inventing a robot- an unfeeling machine with absolutely no choice to do but what you program it to do-, or from raising a child, teaching it right and wrong, and watching them grow up and make their own choices, and live their own life the best they know how?
I could probably make a guess what your answer would be in the end.
Not all of life is unfair all the time- not for us anyways.
But even Jesus’ life on earth wasn’t fair at all.
King of Kings, born in a stable, only to grow up and be crucified for crimes He never committed, dying and suffering for sinners who, by nature, mock, scorn, and hate Him, so that they could live forever in Heaven one day.
Any of that sound fair to you?
But, if only for this reason, I am glad life isn’t fair.
I am glad to have life in the first place.
When life isn’t fair, we should stop to think about why it isn’t, but also, why it IS fair.
Fair can also mean “beautiful”, like in the story of Snow White, the fairest in the land. Fair didn’t mean she went around handing out equal amounts of candy to the local short people. It meant she was beautiful.
Life is always a beautiful thing.
Life isn’t always fair, and that’s okay, because we still get the chance to live it.
Not everybody is that lucky.
Finally, I’d like to say that even though life isn’t always fair, that doesn’t mean you can’t try to be.
How fair is it to that kid you called weird in school that not only were you not his friend, but spoke ill of him to others?
How fair is it to that customer you mistreated because you were having a bad day at work?
How fair is it that after all they did for you, that you gave your parents a hard time for not getting that one thing you asked for?
Life isn’t fair, because we aren’t.
But life can be beautiful, even with all of its flaws.
You can’t control the weather, but you can control your attitude.
… Imma just sayin’.
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