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One Step to Stand: Courage

Bullying is prominent in schools and in life in general. It affects more than just those targeted but those around, as well. Today, we’re not gonna talk about the issue so much as the solution.
1. Who am I talking to?
This isn’t just a post for those who are being bullied or have been bullied. This is a post for those who are around bullying- the bystanders, if you will- or will be, also. Although you are not being bullied or doing the bullying, if you know of it or witness it, you are one of two things to bullies.
You are either a hindrance to this crude act.
You are a help.
In case you think I’m jumping the gun and blaming you, allow me to challenge you to think about it this way … If you were being bullied and you knew that those around you knew it and could maybe even see it, wouldn’t you want them to help you? How painful would it be to have people you may even call your friends sit back and let this continue?
If you’re thinking, “Well, I’m scared of what they’ll do to me” or anything similar to that, I do understand that these things are not easy. However, bullies count on the silence and do-nothingness of others. You have to stand up to them for them to stand down.
2. What can you do?
I’ll do my best to tell you. Every situation is different. There are also many forms of bullying. A lot of the same solutions apply though.
You can always be a friend.
Naturally, you want to help your friends. So, another thing you can do is encourage them to go to a trusted authority figure about what’s going on. If they have a favorite teacher, or they’re close with one or both of their parents, etc. get them to get help. You can also go to an authority figure you trust to ask them for help and advice. It would be best if they knew both of you, but it isn’t necessary.
You can always come to an organization like Teens of America for assistance as well.
Whatever path you choose, getting help first or not, you need to stand up for those who are suffering at the hands of bullies. That’s the only way anything is ever going to change.
3. Where can you find help?
You can find help at home, at school, online, over the phone, and in many places you might not expect! Talk to your parents, or your principal, or your favorite teacher, or contact your friends to back you up in doing something about the bullying. You can even contact us through our website, phone number, texting line, or listen in on our radio program.
If you care about ending this problem, you have to know that there are others who want the same thing. We are better together than we are alone.
4. When should you intervene?
Simply put: right away. Right now, even! Don’t wait. You can save a life. Don’t let someone else take care of it. You can help to stop the bullying, and now is your chance!
5. Why should you stand up?
As I said earlier, bullies count on your silence. Don’t give it to them. You should stand up for those who are bullied, because they don’t deserve to live in fear and neither do you. They weren’t immune to it, and you aren’t either. None of us are. If you want to change the world, you have to be willing to take a stand for what’s right. You can’t just sit by and let people walk all over you or anyone else. All you need is courage. This isn’t about not being scared, it’s about not letting your fears stop you. That’s what courage is. If you keep your courage, you can climb mountains. You can do this. You can help others see that they can do this. And this applies to way more than just bullying.
You only ever need one step to stand:
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