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Don’t Give Up!

“You’re such a freak, get away from me!”
“Do you always dress like that?”
“Hey, what’s wrong with your face? Oh never mind, you just always look like that!”
“Why are you such a wuss, grow a PAIR!”
“You’re too stupid to do anything with your life!”
“You’re too weak to amount to anything useful.”
“You walk like a maimed duck, what’s wrong with you?”
“Stop crying, grow up! You’re so pathetic.”
“Can you ever just be normal?”
“No one likes you.”
“You’re just dirty and crummy…go crawl in a hole and die.”
“You’re so ugly. They have a surgery to fix that you know.”
“You suck at everything you do.”
“No one will ever love you. You’re not good enough.”
 “You are a useless pile of trash. Why don’t you just die.”
“Why do you always have to make us look bad? Why don’t you just go along with it?”
“Why are you such a suck up! You’re so annoying. I wish you would go away.”
“Uh oh, here comes Mr./Mrs goody two-shoes, don’t do anything wrong!”
 “Hey, you ever tried liposuction? You might want to look into it.”
“The doctor called. He said you were a perfect candidate for a brain transplant.”
“You’re such a girl. Be a man!”
“You should just give up.”
“I give up with you…it’s hopeless…you’re hopeless.”
“Just go kill yourself. The world would be a better place.”
“You’re unlovable, unlikable, and disgusting. GO DIE.”
“Why are you such an idiot! Can you do anything right?
“I wish you didn’t exist.”
Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones, but Words will NEVER Hurt Me.
Words hurt. Words are powerful. Words can kill.
It’s a scary place, this world. It’s also a very hurtful place.
It doesn’t have to be though.
As I typed those words up there, memory after memory came into my mind. All of those phrases up there, have been said to either someone I know, or to myself. I know how much it hurts. I know how much it affects you.
You feel powerless. You feel like someone is sucking the life out of you. You can feel it draining from your body. It’s like someone just keeps stabbing you over and over.
The big problem with those words up there, is that people start to say them to themselves. They start believe those things about themselves.
I want you to know that those awful things don’t have to define you.
They don’t define you.
You are unique. You are beautiful. You are needed. You are none of those things
You shouldn’t go die. You shouldn’t kill yourself. You matter!
It’s OK if you are there, right now. It’s OK if you’ve become smashed down by it all. You’re not weak, or useless, or pathetic, or hopeless, or helpless. You’re simply human. Humans have emotions, and humans get hurt. There isn’t anything wrong with you for feeling like you do about awful things that people say. I’ve been there. I know that all you want is someone to just be kind, loving, considerate, empathetic, helpful, encouraging, and understanding.
You wish people would just understand that you’re different, not weird.
You wish people would understand how much you hurt.
You wish people would understand how much they hurt you.
You wish you just had a friend.
You wish someone cared.
Well, guess what, I care.
Teens of America cares.
Also, I bet if you looked hard enough, and deep enough, someone you know cares too. They’re trying to push through to you, but you don’t see them.
Someone sees you. There’s just so much negative in front of you, they’ve become invisible.
Break through that fog, push through the haze.
See that person. I know they’re there.
I know how rough high school can be. Been there, done that.
I know what having no friends feels like.
But there is ALWAYS someone.
I know not everyone is a Christian, but Jesus cares too. He loves you, and wants to help you. He has always been there for me. He can be for you too.
I also know, how hard it is to care.
I’m not trying to toot my own horn, if you will, but I’m a very loving, compassionate, and understanding person. I’ve put myself out there many times. I know what it’s like to love and care about someone, but being afraid to do or say anything. You’re afraid to put your heart out there. You’re afraid to offer help. You’re afraid to make yourself vulnerable, because you don’t want to hurt. You’re afraid to let that other person in, even though you want to, because it would place you in their power.
You care so much and so deeply that it hurts sometimes.
I want to tell you, that it’s OK.
Show your love and concern.
Make it known to that person, that you care, and that you will be there for them.
You never know what they might be dealing with.
You never know what it might mean to them.
Take that chance.
Don’t be afraid of hurt and pain. No, it isn’t fun, but it’s part of life. What better reason to be hurt, than to have offered part of yourself to someone else when they were in need.
Kind words, a pat on the back, a friendly smile, a squeeze of the arm, and even a hug can change a person’s day and maybe their life.
Don’t be afraid to show your affection.
Chances are it will be reciprocated.
People are always touched by genuine kindness, love, concern, and charity.
I say this from experience. I’ve come to love and care deeply for many people. I have never had it come back negatively on me. Friends and family both, just want to be loved. Is that not what you want? When you really think about it.
Why then, would we think that others wouldn’t want to be loved?
Well, they do.
You see this is a two way street.
Sometimes, if you want someone to love you, you have to love first.
No, it isn’t easy.
Yes, it’s hard to push past pain.
It’s worth it though.
No matter how hopeless it seems, don’t give up!
 We love you!
 You are important and valued!
Don’t let anyone else give up either. Love and value them. Make them feel important.
You could change your life.
You could change someone else’s life.
You could change the world.
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  • Tina Henold January 27, 2015, 1:20 am

    This is a timely article. I have noticed in the last couple of years that people are becoming more brash and thinking less about the fact that our words can hurt or build.

  • Wendy Ward February 7, 2017, 2:46 am

    Love this!!!