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The New Face of Heroin

The subject of TOA’s radio show this past Monday was concerning “The New Face of Heroin”. I will be reiterating some facts about this drug and offering some of my own thoughts as well. This new trend will probably pop up more than once, because not everyone can make the time to listen to the show. However, this information and these messages are important enough to where they ought to be retained one way or another. So here goes …
1. Who is the face of heroin?
Unless you’ve done your research, when you think of a heroin user, you might produce a stereotypical image of some twenty-something guy covered in tattoos and a nose piercing in your mind. However, heroin users can just as easily be the perfectly polished kid in the button down shirt and jeans that are not torn in nine places.
Just because someone looks like they might be the type, that doesn’t mean they are the type, and the same goes in reverse. The age old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” certainly applies. Like every situation in life, looks don’t define people.
The only set “face” heroin has, is that of danger and destruction, not of any one kind of person.
It is a horrid fact of the modern day that it is increasingly easy to get a hold of many drugs. This has opened doors to even children (especially around the age of 12) to become substance abusers in one form or another.
This is simply another reason why we cannot put a proper picture of a human face to typify all heroin users and have it be applicable in every situation.
2. What is heroin?
Heroin is specifically an opiate, which means that it is from the type of drug that is made from the flowers of poppy plants, or some sort of synthetic sub. Heroin comes from morphine, and morphine, when used rightly, is a painkiller, but this also means that when this substance and its likenesses are abused, it is highly addictive.
In the case of heroin, many people assume that injecting would be the most dangerous way to partake of its effect, but the truth is that in all forms (injecting, snorting, and smoking), heroin is just as potent.
3. Where do the effects of heroin target?
It actually does not take very long at all to enter the brain. This is one of the qualities that makes it especially addicting. And just as people can build up a tolerance for things like alcohol, the same thing happens with heroin. Unfortunately, this drives users to increase their dosage for the same “high” effect. Heroin also affects the user’s breathing, building upon the risk of overdose and its fatality. Another issue is the additives that heroin contains cannot be dissolved in the bloodstream. This is able to cause blood clots which can become instantaneously fatal.
Because of the way heroin works on the body, it is also extremely easy to become susceptible to being physically dependent on the drug. Therefore, it is also harder to pull away from and break an addiction. The user will suffer through withdrawals, making it even more difficult to rid themselves of the habit. Those who frequently use heroin can run into the effects of withdrawal in a matter of a handful of hours.
Overall, heroin affects everything about you. Once you choose it, it will swiftly latch onto you to the point where you may feel you have no choice but to continue in the path you have laid out for yourself.
4. When should a user stop?
Well, I would say to anyone who asked, never start for any reason of any kind. However, if you have struggled with substance abuse of any kind, I say stop ASAP. The more you abuse substances, the deeper you are in the hole we call drug usage.
Even if you think, “Oh, well, there’s no big deal in trying it once … just to experiment.” It does not benefit you at all. Just because something feels good, that does not mean it is good for you at all in any way.
Don’t let yourself become the new face of heroin at any time. Not even for a second. I don’t care who else is doing it, it is never a good idea. There comes a time in our lives when we need to stop thinking so much about what everybody else is doing and focus on what’s best for us in our lives. I can guarantee you that heroin will never be a good choice for you. Once you begin to use any kind of drug, you are no longer in control.
Many times people turn to things like heroin to distract themselves from their problems, but this will not help. It will only create another, deadly issue to deal with sooner or later.
The good news is that you can regain control. You can say no. Now is the time!
You are never too far gone to receive help, and there are many sources that are available to assist you as well! It is never too late for anything, until we draw our last breath. So don’t give up! You only truly fail when you stop trying.
5. Why is it so important to be aware?
Whether we want to realize it or not, this problem is all around us. I don’t necessarily mean heroin, but all drugs in general. Being aware helps us to prepare. If you want to learn more about the way substance abuse can affect people, you can find sources for more information by simply going to our site ( ). The only way we can all change the world is by working together. Let’s help each other, and help ourselves.
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