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Suicide: Elimination

See that picture? That one right there^?
It is indeed a photograph of a suicide note.
And that, my friends, is something that should never happen. No one should ever be driven to that point, to write their last goodbye and take their own life.
This is something I can’t imagine being pushed to, and something I cannot stand for, because it’s not okay … It shouldn’t happen ever.
1. Who does suicide strike?
75% of suicides stem from depression. It is very vital for parents to keep an eye out for signs of suicidal tendencies in their teens, and teens to look out for this in their friends, or even themselves.
However, suicide, in one way or another, touches us all, even if you’ve never contemplated it yourself, or had it happen to someone you know, or what not, I can bet that you’ve read a story about suicide that got to you somehow. And you might’ve even thought, “How could somebody do that?” Or maybe it brought you to a place in your memory where that question was answered for you already because you were suicidal, too.
Some suicides are the results of other suicides. So if you think that killing yourself will only impact you, you’re sorely mistaken.
I cannot begin to explain how much it saddens me that anyone could be so broken, they thought they could never be fixed- that some human being with so much potential, and very much alive in body, was so dead in spirit that they just gave up. They ended their lives, shut down every “what if”, forgot about all the good that could come, because they thought the bad would never, ever end.
They did end their lives physically, but their life was left behind: their family, their friends, maybe they had a pet, maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend. Now a part of all these people is dead, too. They’re left behind wondering why, and what they could’ve done, and how could they have been good enough to keep or strong enough to support.
Suicide rates for any age are far too high for my liking, because the number should be at 0% and stay there. Never more than that. But the alarming rate of teen suicides is a whole different kind of devastating. And no, I am not undermining other age demographics. Every situation has its own type of sadness and impact.
2. What is suicide?
It is many things, but I will tell you, suicide is anything but a quick death. Why do I say that? Because suicide isn’t just the moment someone ends their own life, it’s everything leading up to that. Suicide is contemplated. First it works its way into your mind, haunting your body, whispering in your ear to just give in, because what is it all for? Once it is in you, if it ever does leave, it only comes out in two ways: you overcome, or you succumb.
The title of this blog post is “Suicide: Elimination”.
Suicide is an elimination. Takes life out of you, but it doesn’t take you out of life.
I guarantee that if you, reading this, if you died right now, your name would forever be in the minds and hearts of others. Probably more than you could conceive.
I chose this title because either suicide eliminates you or you eliminate suicide.
It is high time that the latter be enacted. I wish for all of us to get to a place where suicide is no longer a choice, where the poisonous thoughts don’t present this solution.
This is a permanent solution to temporary problems; and honestly, it isn’t a solution at all. It is merely a whole new, serious problem.
3. Where can you find the signs?
I won’t sit here and pretend to know all the in’s and out’s, because I really had to read up on these things to be more educated. I would strongly recommend you do the same. It could save a life. So, I do want to refer you to this link:
That will take you to our site for more information on signs that someone (specifically your teen or a teen) is struggling with suicide.
4. When does suicide occur?
It is a chosen end at a very dark part of the road of life. That’s when people think they’ve hit a dead end, when all they needed to do was find some light to see that their road extended only in a different direction.
Someone I care very much for never fails to tell me, “It gets better.”
And he’s right. It always gets better. Unfortunately, sometimes, it has to get worse before it can get better. Some of us don’t stick around to find that out …
Not every case of suicide is the same, as we all know, even if depression is a leading factor. The thing they all have in common is desperation.
Everyone who committed suicide was desperate for an escape.
If you do not struggle with suicide, make it your goal to be a good reason for someone not to commit suicide.
The things you do and say, even the small ones, could make a huge impact on someone in such a fragile state.
Maybe they’re thinking there’s no one out there who cares.
I want you to prove them wrong.
Be a friend.
5. Why do people give up?
I couldn’t tell you just why every person gave up, only that, obviously, they strongly believed it was their only out, and they had, in their eyes, a good reason.
If you are contemplating suicide. Here’s what I want you to do:
I know it’s not something that you can just turn off with the flick of a switch, although if I could invent it and give you immediate revival of your spirit, trust me, wonderful person, I would.
Suicide doesn’t give you control. Death controls you. You don’t control death. You can, however, learn to take your life back. Don’t let suicide take you away from all that could be.
You’re still alive and breathing, and you have to realize what a blessing that is, and that there’s a reason you’re still here.
Don’t rob yourself of the amazing story that is and will be your life, and don’t rob others of getting to live in a world made brighter by your smile.
If you know someone who is struggling with suicide, I say again, give those who are the reason why they shouldn’t.
I want there to be more options for them other than turning to killing themselves. Let’s be the alternative.
Let the other options be turning to real, raw, genuine friendship, and love, and hope, and happiness- the kind that death only strips away.
If you think there’s nothing you can do about suicide, you’re wrong. You can care. Sometimes, that’s enough.
When you’re at the end of your rope, why wouldn’t it give at least some strength just to hear and see and know that someone cares if you let go and fall?
Better yet, don’t just extend the hand to help pull them back up or the words to tell them you want them around. Toss the world’s most fluffy mattress at the bottom to catch them.
Aside from my truly pitiful metaphors, I simply want to encourage you to not just help them find hope, I encourage and even challenge you to be hope.
It is a timeless tale of truth: Love (in whatever form that may be) makes a difference.
So, go on, carry your torch a little higher and help light the way for those around you. Don’t you ever let that light go out. I might have to find you and hug you until you agree to keep going, and you probably don’t want that.
Together, we can stop suicide from eliminating us, and instead, eliminate suicide.
Time for us to turn “Suicide: Elimination” into “Suicide Elimination”.
Go forth and be thou amazing.
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