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Jason Gibbons

Jason Gibbons, Maine Director

For 6 years, Jason Gibbons, aka “White Shadow” has been entertaining crowds all over the country with his unique style of showtime basketball as part of the Harlem Superstars comedy basketball team. He’s performed with Disney, Nike, Fox Sports, Brand Jordan and Nba Entertainment at the 2008 and 2009 Nba All Star Weekend.

His message of hope for young people of all ages has made him much in demand in schools all over the country, using his unique blend of basketball tricks, trick shots and crowd interaction to set the table for the message that he brings.

He inspires and encourages young people to believe in their dreams and goals, avoid negative peer pressure and the pitfalls of making poor choices. “Now a days there are so many negative influences just bombarding our kids from every direction…the Internet, tv, Hollywood, the music that they listen to etc. My hope is to try to be a voice that can be a positive influence in their lives. I’ve seen how Showtime basketball can be an amazingly powerful tool to set the table for the message that I bring and if I can do that, I feel like I’m doing my part.” ~ Jason Gibbons