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School Fundraiser Info

The organization is providing the Public Service Ambassador school fundraising program at no cost to schools which register into the Teens of America interactive program. The school fundraising program is built for all schools and like-minded non-profit organizations who wish to join others across the country in reversing negative lifestyle habits.

Collectively, the schools are working together in a single action school fundraising program to help curb negative lifestyle habits. The “PSA” is providing all schools a new, historic way to also raise vital funds. These school fundraising programs are using healthy fundraising alternatives offering up to 400% more profitability than candy and cookie dough sales programs. Pre-register your school today for FREE!


We request that the school principal or an authority fill out the form. If you are a student or one of the ambassadors, please direct your school officials to this page to complete registration for the school fundraiser!

We will be sending information regarding the school fundraiser program to the email address provided. There is a double-opt in to prevent abuse (which is why the school authority needs to register). If you do not receive a confirmation email immediately, check your spam/junk. Be sure to confirm you wish to receive our emails by following the instructions sent and we will begin sending you the information to get your school registered for the school fundraiser program.

Thanks again for your support of this incredible program!

Sean Mulroney
Teens of America

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