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School Fundraiser Benefit

No candy sales (that alone makes a firm statement to our students & communities about juvenile diabetes and childhood obesity) Schools get paid first E-ticket platform means kids and family members do not have to go door-to-door or campaign at work Also features a six bus tour of independent artists traveling the country, visiting schools and communities with a message of social acceptance, concerts and entertainment. Experience up to a 400% revenue increase for your school over traditional school fundraisers This is a ‘green’ platform with little to no paper whatsoever More profit means fewer fundraisers are needed throughout the year Massive three-day, three hours per day Pay-Per-View event slated for October 2018, anti-bullying month, featuring several of today’s most popular music artists who are joining the cause as well as health, wellness & lifestyle education for students and their families!

  • Enhances The Arts
  • Teaches Students Social Skills
  • Teaches Students Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Dedicated Scholarship Program (Students & Parents)

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