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Adopt A Student

Our objective is to take our assemblies out into as many schools across the country as time and school curriculum permits. We show through our multimedia presentation that the choices Teens make in their daily lives will affect them in either a positive or negative way. Wrong choices may affect them the rest of their lives.

We lose 8 teens a day as a result of alcohol or drug related accidents, another 7 teens a day die through weapon related accidents and homicide, and 6 teens a day through suicide (a permanent solution to a temporary problem). When will these assaults on our youth end?

Teens of America, with your partnership, will continue to make our teens aware of the dangers of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, bullycide, suicide, and negative peer pressure. Teens make up 31% of our population, but they are 100% of our future. The face of today’s teenager is the face of tomorrow’s America. They are our future.

Would you please consider partnering with Teens of America by contributing generously so that we can reach more teens through our school assemblies?

All monies go towards the expenses of putting on these assemblies as we provide them at no cost to the schools. Monies donated also go to establish S.T.A.N.D. chapters in the schools which is an interactive year long program where students pledge to take a stand against alcohol, drugs, and crime.

You can select the number of students that you would like to support at $5.50 a student.

10 Students – $55.50
20 Students – $110.00
30 Students – $164.00
40 Students – $220.00

You also may consider supporting Teens of America monthly. The teens we save through our educational assembly may be yours or one that you love and care for.

If you are a corporate contributor and wish to sponsor Teens of America on a monthly basis, at $300.00 or more please send with your 1st contribution your company logo so that we can recognize you on our website as a sponsor.