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Sean Mulroney

Sean Mulroney, President

My name is Sean Mulroney, president and founder of Teens Of America. As a teenager I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I was first exposed to them at the age of six and by the time I was 13 years old I was involved heavily in both drugs and alcohol. I know first hand the dangers teenagers face on a daily basis. Many of my friends died young from drinking and driving, drug overdoses and suicide. It took many years and the help of trusted adults for me to overcome these addictions.

Since my years as a teenager the dangers and temptations a young person faces each day has increased. It is because of my experiences that I want to help teenagers to avoid the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol. Also, for those that have already gone down that road I want to reach out to them and help out of the pit of destruction. My desire to help young people led me to form Teens Of America, a drug, alcohol and crime prevention program.

Since launching TOA we have seen many young people make decisions to stand against negative decisions. I have spoken to over 150,000 students and receive emails daily from teenagers and parents asking for help or telling me that our assemblies have changed their lives. Though many young people have been reached there are thousands upon thousands more that need to know the hard truth about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

I cannot reach them alone. It must be a community effort and we need your help. Parents, teachers, principals and local citizens need to band together to reach the young people in your community. Won’t you partner with us and reach the teenagers in your own backyard?